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Watch tension and dark sensuality unfold in 'My Dad's TS Girlfriend' with David Chase, Sunday Valentina, Wolf Hudson and Jessy Dubai to explore the dark complexity of love, commitment and loyalty between father, son, and their lovers.When David Chase brings home his new bride, Sunday Valentina, young Wolf is smitten by her beauty at first sight. The conflicting emotions drive him to the arms of an escort, played by Jessy Dubai, who quickly breaks through the walls of inhibitions and leads Wolf down the path of passionate transsexual love. As the impromptu lovers deal with the resonant passion after their love making, Jessy gets a mysterious call, which leaves her shaken and she quickly asks Wolf to leave.Wolf, still shaken after the experience draws deep within himself to recover his peace of mind, but the gentle inquiry of Sunday in this vulnerable position leaves him defenceless against the building attraction between them. Son and step-mother console each other, while David has a secret past that could leave this young family in an emotional ruin. Watch the tension and drama unfold with the all-star cast of Jessy Dubai, Sunday Valentina, David Chase and Wolf Hudson in 'My Dad's TS Girlfriend'.

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